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UPDATE! PLEASE READ! -- DnA Keys are back in stock and orders are open! Orders will ship starting April 15th as we are away from out headquarters for a moment. Many thanks and much love! 

DnA Keys are expertly designed mythically sized double ended tuning forks, designed to harness the harmonics of D 288hz and A 432hz, creating a perfect 5th harmonic that resonates with the natural proportions of the human body. This combination has been recognized as a highly effective ratio for sound healing modalities, as it aligns with the harmonic design of both human and natural bodies.


The internal angles of a pentagram also demonstrate the harmonic proportions of D and A when using 432hz-based Pythagorean tuning methods, with 72 becoming 144 and 108 becoming 216. This creates a powerful geometric and musical harmony that enhances the overall effect of the instrument.The tuning system is based on Pythagorean musical philosophy, which holds that the same mathematical ratios found in the universe also govern musical harmony and reflects the principle of "as above, so below" in Pythagorean and Egyptian alchemy.In addition to its significance in Pythagorean philosophy, 432Hz is also an important number in Egyptian cosmology. It is believed to be a fundamental frequency in the universe and was considered sacred in ancient Egyptian culture, as it was thought to represent the fundamental building blocks of creation.




Perfect 5th DnA Key:


D 288hz & A 432hz -- LISTEN HERE


F 342hz  & C512hz  -- LISTEN HERE


Binaural Freqeuncies:


Delta Key - Tuned with D on both ends, with one offset by 3 hz to create a delta binaural frequency that promotes deep states of meditation and regeneration.  LISTEN HERE


Theta Key - Tuned with with A on both ends, offset by 6hz to create a theta binaural frequency that induces relaxed awareness and facilitates access to the subconscious mind. LISTEN HERE 

DNA Key™

  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping

  • All sales are final.

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